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How do I begin?

Inspect your storage unit and make a list of the packing accessories you will need - wrapping paper, bubble-wrap, tape, rope, drop cloths, plastic sheeting, mattress and furniture covers, pallets, skids, cartons and porta robes.
  • Use all the space available, including the height
  • Disassemble items such as bed frames and tables.
  • Place items for frequent access near the front of the space
  • Fill cartons to capacity
  • Fragile items should be cushioned with packaging and placed at the top of the unit
  • Label cartons and take home the list of the labelled cartons for easy reference in locating items
All available from our onsite storage packaging supply shop.

How Much Space Do I Need?

Not sure how much space you need? Estimate now by using the Self Storage Association of Australia Storage Calculator or contact us to discuss your storage requirements.

Unit sizes & Descriptions

Click here for Unit Sizes available at Bassendean.

Click here for Unit Sizes available at Maddington.

Packaging Materials

Packing accessories such as cartons, porta robes, paper, tape, bubble-wrap and plastic covers will protect your goods.
  • Partially full or bulging cartons may tip or collapse
  • Heavy items like books or tools should be packed in small cartons so they are easy to handle - books should be packed flat, not on their spines
  • Packing and labelling cartons room by room makes unpacking easier, and helps if you need to find something in storage
All available from our onsite storage packaging supply shop.


Fridges, freezers and other white goods should be thoroughly DRY and CLEAN before storing.
  • While in storage the door should be secured slightly ajar
  • A deodoriser placed inside fridges or freezers helps maintain freshness
  • Don't store items inside fridges or freezers as the shelves and linings are easily damaged
  • Cover and protect these with materials from our storage packaging supply shop

Furniture Storage

Empty the contents of wardrobes, drawers and cupboards to protect the shelving and structure of these items.
  • Clothing and personal goods should be packed in strong, secure cartons with naphthalene or similar product for added protection
  • Where possible, remove the legs from items of furniture to avoid damage and save space
  • Vacuum all food crumbs from lounges to avoid attracting vermin

Dishes and Glassware

Use "fragile" stickers on cartons containing fragile items and avoid storing heavy items on the top of these cartons.
  • Wrap fragile items individually in packing paper (newsprint is messy and may stain)
  • Nest cups and bowls, stand plates and platters on their edges
  • Fill any gaps with scrunched paper or linen to prevent items from moving in the cartons during transit
  • Place a layer of packing inside the bottom and top of cartons containing breakables

Mirrors, Windows, Screens and Paintings

These items should be protected using packing material such as bubble-wrap or flat-pack cartons and should be stored on their edges - not lying flat. We have specialised boxes and protective materials for these difficult items.




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